About company

"Creator" was created on August 19, 2022. The main goal of its creation is to provide high-level services to the users. Initially, "Creator" offered the user CV/resume and cover letter creation services, which helped the customer to achieve the desired result. There was much demand for these services. Customers wanted to
create a professional CV and cover letter
to get a job in a selected place or to continue their studies in a dream place. "Creator" is proud that thanks to our services, we have helped many people to make their dreams come true! As time passed, we realized it was challenging to find professional translators in the Georgian market to translate the translation material for the client at the highest level. We encountered dissatisfaction on the social network daily regarding unqualifiedly posted material. That was the primary motivation to create such a company in Georgia, where the customer's expectations would always be justified. Meeting customer expectations is our strong point!
"Creator" consists of up to 50 certified translators
who have many years of translation experience and are responsible for the accuracy of the translation. In "Creator," you can translate any amount of translation material on any topic in the shortest possible time and at the same time at an acceptable price. In addition, in "Creator," it is possible to translate into any language and optionally notarize the translated material. The company continues to develop and meet customer expectations.
Since the company's establishment, we have had more than 2500 orders.